Of course we highly recommend that, if it is possible for you, to try any of the many hostels, hotels, airbnb’s or couchsurfing options in and around Leiden. If you decide to rent a bicycle from one of the many places in the city, anything in Leiden is within 15 minutes from the city center. Even outside of Leiden in the bigger cities there are usually good train connections (Within 20 - 30 minutes) to Leiden central even by night.
This can be double-checked at (Just trains) or (All public transport)
PS: Because most of the hotels are small we have no special offers/arrangements.
Leiden is a popular place for travellers and tourists so we have a special program to help all of you from abroad and spread the love for tango through our community as a family.
As we realize the Netherlands can be very expensive, especially without a Dutch salary, we are offering a discount to everybody in the area willing to host dancers from other countries. This means you will have the opportunity to stay for free! (We aim for hosts at about 20 - 30 minutes from Leiden central and/or willing to carpool to the location).
Keep in mind that this is specially for people who cannot afford an airbnb, hostel or hotel - spots are limited.


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