The Sexteto Milonguero formed in 2006 by Javier Di Ciriaco, with the simple desire to play the Tango dance repertoire which is usually

heard in the milongas. Emphasizing the 40′s, and beyond the excellent versions heard for years, Sexteto Milonguero tries to give a personal sound to these great old songs.


The only intention? … follow the path of those great bands, and do not let the tango withdraw from the neighborhood, the dancers, the popular, the milongas.


They will play 2 sets of live music on Friday!


One of the most famous orchestra’s from Buenos Aires, El Cachivache Quinteto! With their unique-feel, stage-presence and raw energy, they play the most beautiful tango-music. Their music consists of both traditional songs as their own repertoire and are dance-able with the real feel, flow and emotion of tango. 


They will play 2 sets of Live-music on Sunday!


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