Our venue is just outside the city-center of Leiden. Originally a school for the styles of Ballroom it is equipped with a great floor (If you need to pick shoes, the floor is slippery).
We purposely decided to not go for fancy castles or landmarks but for high quality where it counts. This way as much people as possible will be able to enjoy that what really counts! A lot of warm embraces, good teachers, amazing live music and superb performances.
Lammenschansweg 134A
Leiden, Netherlands
PS: There is free parking 
A beautiful outside location which includes a lake,a nice park, a bistro, a picnic where everyone is motivated to bring extra food and drinks to share, and a big outside deer-park.

(Tickets only available at entrance €5,-)
Above the Thai restaurant “Buddhas” in a well air-conditioned room and right in the city center, we will organize the afternoon milonga for the Sunday.

(Tickets only available at entrance €5,-)
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